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"Secure connection to server was unexpectedly dropped. ."

Explanation: This is probably the most common error code users see. Unfortunately it's the most vague one to.. What this error means is that the VPN server didn't disconnet you, and your VPN client did not disconnect you.. Something else caused your connection to drop/become unstable..

Most common culprits:

- If using Wi-Fi Wireless.. could be interference, someone else on the Wi-Fi using all the bandwidth, RF saturation, anything to cause a few blips or moments of poor connectivity, try to plug into a wired ethernet jack and see if the errors disapear.

- Connection to ISP, another frequent culprit, the VPN client is suseptable to lost packets and jitter (packets not getting to the VPN server in the correct order). Check to see if your ISP connection is being saturated by some bandwidth hogging service (ie: 14 year old inthe basement downloaded and uploading music/movies continually).

- ISP lite services.. Not as frequent, but a few years ago, ISP were selling stripped down ultra low bandwidth DSL and Cable internet services, which can easily being saturdated in terms of bandwidth and will cause VPN connections to become unstable.

- CPU utilization on the PC.. Some PC's (older one for example) with lower capacity CPU's might have issues if the anti-virus and Windows Update Software, as well as any corporate security, asset management, remote services applications are auto launched (or kick in) and run their scheduled tasks.. The Cisco VPN client would compete for CPU cycles with these other applications, and can easily cause the VPN client to lose connectivity.

- Bandwidth at your place of work from your VPN to your place of work's ISP can also be a culprit, if your place of work is always short on bandwidth (ie: coworkers surfing and streaming utube all the time) your workplace could be short on bandwidth, and that cna casue users VPNing in to have unstable and dropped connections.

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