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Cisco VPN Error/Reason Codes

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For those out there using a Cisco VPN, sometimes the error codes users receive are not that clear (sometimes to much techno-gargon). This list is a listing of Cisco VPN Error/Reason codes and their solutions/explanations in simpler terms.

Note:These Cisco VPN 'solutions' to the related error codes are recomendations based on tech support reps experience with the error code reported. Users are responsible for their own systems and any changes they make to their own systems.

Error #Solution ProvidedError Message
1YesThe command line parameter cannot be used in conjunction with the command line parameter.
2YesInvalid Connection Entry Name.
3YesInvalid TCP port specified.
4YesInvalid Peer Response Timeout specified.
5YesNo hostname exists for this connection entry. Unable to make VPN connection..
7YesGroup passwords do not match. Enter the same password in both text boxes
42YesUnable to create certificate enrollment reques.
43YesCertificate enrollment failed, or was not approved.
44YesCertificate is not valid, or not an online enrollment request.
45YesPasswords do not match. Try again.
47YesFailed to load ipseclog.exe.
48YesUnable to stop service/daemon.
49YesGI_VPNStop failed. Unable to disconnect.
50YesService/daemon is not running.
51YesIPC socket allocation failed with errorr.
52YesIPC socket deallocation failed with error.
53YesSecure connection was unexpectedly dropped
54YesThe authentication passwords do not match. Enter the same password in both text boxes.
201YesThe necessary VPN sub-system is not available. You can not connect to the remote VPN serve.
401YesAn unrecognized error occurred while establishing the VPN connection.
402YesThe Connection Manager was unable to read the connection entry, or the connection entry has missing or incorrect information.
403YesUnable to contact the security gateway.
404YesThe remote peer terminated the connection during negotiation of security policies.
407YesUser authentication was cancelled by the user.
408YesA VPN connection is already in the process of being established.
411YesThe remote peer does not support the required VPN Client protocol
412YesThe remote peer is no longer responding.
413YesUser authentication failed.
414YesFailed to establish a TCP connection.
415YesA required component PPPTool.exe is not present among the installed client software.
420YesThe application was unable to allocate some system resources and cannot proceed.

If you have any questions, feel free to email our technical support department at

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